Visual Enrichment of 3D Models

Several computer graphics techniques can be utilised for the visual enhancement of the 3D models produced from the geometric reconstruction processes. These guidelines focus on those techniques which provide a 3D simulation consistent with the visual and geometric characteristics of artefacts and monuments (reality capture) and other techniques, mainly used for the dissemination of 3D cultural data. The visual enrichment techniques described below are ordered from those that ensure a strong geometric consistency with the real object to techniques that introduce increasing approximations:

• Texture extraction and projection starting from photographs finely oriented on the 3D model (e.g. image-based modelling, photogrammetry)

• Texturing by photographic samples of the real materials of the artefact

• Texturing by generic shaders

• Interactive or semi-automatic reconstruction based on relevant profiles

• Interactive or semi-automatic reconstruction based on primitives adjustment

• Interactive reconstruction based on technical iconography (plans, cross-sections and elevations)

• Interactive reconstruction based on artistic iconography (sketches, paintings, etc)

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